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Hypnosis to quit smoking & stop smoking without weight gain - Hypnotherapy to quit smoking, stop smoking hypnosis, smoking cessation in Ipswich Suffolk, Certified Hypnotherapist Hadleigh Suffolk, and Manningtree Colchester and Hypnotism Frinton on Sea Clacton Essex:

Quitting smoking with a hypnotist -

Hypnosis for stopping smoking is probably the top rated and easiest method for successful smoking cessation - without gaining weight - you can find my quit smoking for good clinics in Cattawade Manningtree Essex near Colchester and Clacton, Dance East Central Ipswich on Wednesdays, Frinton on Sea at the Old Road Clinic Frinton on Sea near Clacton and at French Complexion in Hadleigh Suffolk, on Sundays - close to Stowmarket and Sudbury and Nayland.

The Budget 2012 - another 37p on each pack of cigarettes - so why not stop now for good? It's the perfect opportunity and Hypnotherapy always comes out top as the metod to quit smoking. If you are serious about smoking cessation contact me - 3 sessions are oiptimal as latest research indicates and I charge the same as many do for one session. You will make that back in very short order - and stop risking your health - 1 in 3 smokers will die of a tobacco related disease.

Consider the 4,000 poisons you suck into your lungs with each inhalation of a cigarette and then think of the russian roulette that one in three die of a nasty smoking related disease. Now think of a Tobacco Company Executive in a really expensive suit with a big fat wallet. Can you visualise them? See that flash car bought at your expense? OK?

Well are they are laughing at you?:

See Matt Damon Hollywood Actor and star of the "Bourne" films on why going to see a Hypnotherapist, to stop smoking, was "the greatest decision of my life".

Why you should consider giving up smoking - if you need the facts the smoking lobbies don't want you to know - see below or you can just book and for £150, yes, I will give you three in depth sessions and by these approaches, tailored to you, and what drives your smoking I will help you safely quit smoking for good. Research shows that many will give up after one session - but to guarantee giving up for good three sessions seems to be the proven solution to ensure quickly stopping smoking for ever - you will save the money spent on these sessions in a very short time - work out how much more you could save by stopping smoking now and stopping gambling with health too - 1 in 3 smokers will die of a smoking related disease:

Call Graham Howes Certified Hypnotherapist for a FREE phone consultation on how to stop smoking for good on: 01206 391050 - leave your name number and please repeat your name and number and let me know a good time to call.

Email: info@edgehypno.com

Stop smoking with hypnotherapist

Stop smoking hypnosis over three sessions and really stop for good at Manningtree near Colchester and Frinton near Clacton Essex and Hadleigh Suffolk and Ipswich Suffolk without gaining weight - address all those issues surrounding the why of smoking - you can really stop smoking for good with hypnotherapy hypnoanalysis and NLP. I am also running Stop Smoking sessions at Jerwood Dance House, Foundry Lane Ipswich IP4 1DW on Wednesdays

Cost: £180 total for all three sessions.

Weight Loss and Stop smoking special offer: £260 for four sessions to do both. If classified obese £300 for five sessions inclusive of Hypno Gastric Band

Free session CDs for home listening and reinforcement for your benefit.

You can pay in advance by Credit or debit card if you prefer or you are buying this for someone else with PayPal here:


FAQ on stopping smoking with hypnosis

Why you should make an appointment with me to quit smoking using hypnosis with Hypnotherapy NLP and Hypnosis:

Here are the facts about smoking and why hypnosis hypnotherapy and NLP may be the best way to stop smoking - Win the War and defeat smoking now:

The shortest book in the world - "Coughing. Coffin!"

97% of people trying to quit on their own FAIL. Hypnotherapy works in the majority of cases. It has been proven to work the best and last the longest. Sometimes even in one session. However I always book three sessions to cover all the ins and outs – yes there are Therapists who claim to always do it in one session – but that is often a numbers game and many will still fail to give up smoking because the underlying reasons WHY they smoke are often not addressed and some Smoking Hypnotherapists are not trained or qualified in any other therapies – they may “put you off” possibly for good or maybe for a short while - but will they have looked deeper to address your other issues such as stress anxiety habit or other reasons? Latest research shows that three quit smoking sessions are the optimum solution for long term successful smoking cessation.

My approach is tailored to you and your reasons for smoking.

I will give you ALL the tools you will need to easily become a permanent non smoker. It is amazingly effective and amazingly simple - just give me one month of your dedicated time and quit smoking for good with hypnosis.

If I fail to put you off and you are truly motivated to give up smoking then I will give you a FREE top up session. No one has asked for the free session yet.

My approach to quitting smoking is tried and tested and achieves amazing results if you are determined to STOP SMOKING.

I do urge you to ensure that you visit a properly trained Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist that belongs, as I do, to a reputable body like the GHR.

Allen Carr, incidentally, stopped smoking with a Hypnotist and employs stop smoking hypnosis as part of his "easy quit smoking tm" programme.

Nicotine patches gums and inhalers are also carcinogenic (cancer causing) and are ineffective new reports suggest - so avoid those. The Times published an article recently about the dangers of nicotine patches and gum which is republished below

Seriously - if you really want to quit tobacco products - I can help you stop smoking for good with hypnotism NLP and hypnoanalysis.

Group sessions and business sessions are also available see below.

See why you should consider stopping below:

Forget the tobacco company spin - here are the FACTS about smoking:

Firstly in England, Scotland and Ireland it is ILLEGAL to smoke in many places.

The legislation was based on Health grounds not on goody goody interference or just at the instigation of the Health and Safety Executive who have policies on smoking at work.

Tobacco contains over 4,000 chemical compounds - many of them toxic. By stopping smoking you REDUCE further damage to your skin. You also REDUCE the risk of going blind. REDUCE the risk of a Heart Attack. You will improve fitness as well as breathing. You will REDUCE the likelihood of impotence. By giving up you are also giving yourself a payrise - add up how much the habit is costing you. A UK smoker who smokes around 30 cigarettes per day, will spend more than £2,600 per year on their habit.

What could you do with that money by stopping smoking with hypnosis?

Overpay on the mortgage, take a holiday, buy that luxury item you always wanted but could not afford?

Above all: Give your Family and Loved ones the most precious gift - that you will actually live longer!

Smokers are more likely than non smokers to become impotent.

Smoking ages the skin significantly - you also smell like an old ashtray.

You will NOT put on weight when you stop smoking if you don't substitute food for cigarettes - I can help you avoid this mythical problem!

Passive smoking is dangerous for those around you.

The smell is objectionable to others – not only of the burning cigarette but the vile stale ashtray smell on your breath, clothes hair etc.

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and reduces quality of life and life expectancy.

Pregnant smoking Mothers deliver smaller frailer babies - if you smoke so do they.

If you are wanting to get pregnant stop smoking anyway - over 40% fail to get pregnant because of smoking.

The younger a person quits, the greater the benefit - but stopping smoking is beneficial at any age. You can also die of a smoking related disease at any age.

What are the chances a smoker WILL die of a smoking related disease? 50% - so if I handed you a shotgun loaded in only one barrel would you then risk Russian Roulette? Of course not - but you are continuing to risk your health if you continue to smoke. Remember a 50% chance of dying from a smoking related disease like Cancer or Emphysema (you may end your life on an oxygen mask with no lung left to breathe.)

Many smokers think that smoking helps relieve stress but in fact ex-smokers properly treated by a trained Hypnotherapist are more likely to have better mental health and be happier.

A Hypnotherapist should give you treatment and strategies for dealing with stress as part of quitting smoking - I also help smokers deal with all their issues surrounding smoking - that is why I use 3 sessions rather than one off sessions which I personally think are too "generic".

Smoking is a habit that you learned - maybe as a Kid - and can unlearn as an Adult.

Smoking any kind of Tobacco products KILLS, often in horrible ways, 10,000 people EVERY DAY worldwide (3.6 million and rising per year). Tobacco is expected to be the biggest single cause of death in the world in the next 25 to 30 years. Each time you smoke you are playing Russian Roulette with your health and of those who inhale the toxic smoke - your family, friends and colleagues. If you think that you will be the lucky one to escape - you might....

It also reduces your life expectancy significantly and it is most likely that you will die a painful death because of it!

Carry on smoking and you lose many years of healthy life that you could have spent with your loved ones.

Smoking kills 400,000 people a year in the United States alone, that’s almost 1,100 every day.

The figures for the UK are around 121,000 people a year, or approximately 330 per day.

Don't think smoking won't get you - it will. I have statements from 40 year old people and younger who are dying horrible deaths from smoking related diseases - they wish they had never smoked ... because their condition is terminal - leaving behind young families and partners.

Approximately 38% die of cancer, 28% die a slow and agonizing death from chronic lung disease and emphysema, and the other 34% die of heart disease and other circulatory problems.

You use one year of life approximately for each year that you continue to smoke.

90% of lung cancers are because of smoking.

54% of mouth cancers are because of smoking.

70% of larynx cancers are because of smoking.

40% of stomach cancers are because of smoking.

30% of penis cancers are because of smoking.

It has been estimated, that just 1/60th of a gramme of nicotine on your tongue can kill a person in minutes.  Recent research also shows that nicotine itself is carcinogenic - so forget about nicotine patches and gum they are also carcinogenic - see below.

Tobacco companies are well aware that it is mainly young people who start smoking. It is for this reason that they target their advertising towards young people wherever they can. They know that they have to attract a given number of new smokers every day, to counteract the number of people that die due to smoking. They are also promoting smoking in the developing world because the developed world has finally woken up to their propaganda and realises that smoking kills.

It is, sadly, a business decision to promote smoking - at this brain washing they are very successful because people still smoke even with the terrible warnings and stomach churning pictures on the packet. The US government is in desperation currently considering putting large graphic pictures of diseased lungs and mouth cancer by point of sale tills to counteract the tobacco industry propaganda. They will probably do it as smoking is THE number one killer in the US.

Smoking is definitely playing russian roulette with your life and the odds are just as much against you.

In the USA alone, 3,000 teenagers started smoking TODAY. Of these 3,000 - smoking will eventually kill over a thousand of them. Yes- that is one third.

That person who smoked all his life and drunk vast quantities of booze and got away with it and lived to be 100? It is a propaganda myth. Why gamble?

300,000 children under 18 months old develop bronchitis and pneumonia every year in the United States, due to the effects of passive smoking.

Hypnosis has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stop smoking of all methods of stopping smoking. If you have tried the rest and failed - now try the best with a properly qualified hypnotherapist. (GHR registered or equivalent professional body and CNHC approved and registered)

Parents smoking directly causes asthma, coughs and wheezes and even middle ear infections in children through passive smoking.

Teenagers are more than twice as likely to smoke if both their parents smoke.

Smoking during pregnancy causes babies to be born with a reduced birth weight. Around 4,000 babies a year, in the United States alone, die directly as a result of their mothers smoking during pregnancy.

Feline lymphoma is a form of cancer affecting cats who live in homes where people smoke.

Mesothelioma Cancer can be caused by exposure to asbestos but also in some cases by smoking see here Mesothelioma - there is a terrific site here on this rare cancer click on the blue link to the left

Hypnotherapy could help if you suffer Cancer as it makes you a participant rather than just a recipient of treatment - using visualisation and hypnosis seems, according to Hull University trials under Dr L G Walker, to help with Cancer and Aids victims.

In affluent countries, smoking is one of the most common causes of blindness.

Following surgical operations, smokers will find that their wounds take longer to heal than non-smokers, due to the collagen fibre levels in the body being depleted.

Smokers may also find that their healing wounds may be prone to rupture. This can often prove to be fatal, especially in cases of bowel surgery, for example.

Pneumonia, collapsed lungs, and other such complications of complete anaesthesia, are four times more likely in smokers than in non-smokers.

Thromboses of the heart and brain are the most common causes of sudden death. Smokers are very susceptible to thromboses, on average developing the disease some ten years before non-smokers.

Women who smoke during pregnancy, increase the child’s likelihood to die during childbirth, to double that of a non-smoking mother. Should the child survive childbirth, it is also twice as likely to die during it’s early years, and twice as likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome (‘SIDS’ or ‘cot death’). The child is also likely to be underweight and less healthy long term.

New born babies who breastfeed from mothers who smoke, have as much nicotine in their blood as their mothers do.

The risk of brain haemorrhage is highest in women smokers, and is even higher if she also takes the contraceptive pill.

Smoking is one of the major causes of male impotence, increasing the risk by some 50%, and affecting as many as 120,000 males in the UK alone.

It has been reported that a male experiencing erectile dysfunction, should take this as a warning that blood vessels are being damaged, and this includes the blood vessels in and around the heart.

Just 10 cigarettes a day gives you a ‘1 in 200’ chance of dying in any one year

Inhaling nicotine can knock 20, 30 and 40 years or more off your life

Death is often preceded by many years of disabling illness

There is no safe level of smoking. It is always dangerous

Smoking is a preventable cause of death

Often, when a person dies from smoking, they are smoking their last one!

You were born a non-smoker and you can become one again quit smoking with hypnotism

Many people quote that urban myth of the old man who drunk a bottle of whiskey every day and smoked 100 cigarettes a day and died aged 150 - it IS a myth and even if it wasn't they probably died horribly!

Don't listen to the nonsense you have been fed by the Tobacco industry - you are more intelligent than that - smoking is dangerous and it kills - why commit suicide slowly? Stop smoking now and start to raise the chances of your recovery. Your Family and Friends want you around longer so stop deceiving yourself and stop now!!


SO - Why wait for the signs of something serious?

You can call me for stop smoking hypnotherapy and NLP now on :

01206 391050

You can Email me on:


Here is more food for thought:

Do you know how many chemicals there are in tobacco smoke ? 50 ? 100? 1000? The answer is: over 4,000

Don't kid yourself that it reduces stress - I can give you strategies for reducing stress which don't involve playing Russian Roulette with your health.

Don't think that because you are young that you can "get away" with smoking without damage - you may heal better but you are still causing damage to your long term health if you don't STOP. Many young people die prematurely because of smoking.

If you DO STOP NOW you increase the likelihood of a longer healthier life. You lose one year of life for every year that you continue to smoke.

You needn't put on weight - I will ensure that you don't turn to comfort food as an alternative to smoking.

Add up truthfully how much you spend on a habit that is killing you.

You could be saving well over £1,000 - £3,000 a year by stopping! Think what you could spend £3,000 on?

If you smoke 20 a day at present at £6 a packet in 5 years you will probably have spent nearly £15,000

Look at this way: Pay me £180 over three sessions in which we thoroughly get to grips with WHY you smoke - you will repay that to yourself within three to four weeks by NOT spending £180 on the  smoking habit that is killing you

If you invested £180 in a savings account - how much would you earn these recessionary days?  Do the Math...

By investing in your health you can get a longer life - maybe up to ten years longer - and with what you would have spent on 20 odd packs you get a bigger return on your investment - with no tax. Most people want to give up because loved ones want them to be there for them in Future years - not someone who wasn't there because of self inflicted illnesses. If you have Cancer in the Family or another smoking related disease - you need to stop smoking.

Over a year what would you save financially - add it up honestly and think what you could have bought with that - the major benefit however is a longer life.

A longer life to be with your family and loved ones.

Let's be honest - in the majority of cases continued smoking will kill you horribly and shorten your life.

It also stinks and causes others problems with passive smoking.

It has become anti social.

The latest news about nicotine in all its forms - DO NOT risk nicotine patches and gums without reading the English "Times" newspaper article below first:

The Times:

Re: Nicotine and Nicotine replacement gums and patches (From The Times London April 2009)

"Nicotine chewing gum, lozenges and inhalers designed to help people to give up smoking may have the potential to cause cancer, research has suggested. Scientists have discovered a link between mouth cancer and exposure to nicotine, which may indicate that using oral nicotine replacement therapies for long periods could contribute to a raised risk of the disease. A study funded by the Medical Research Council, led by Muy-Teck Teh, of Queen Mary, University of London, has found that the effects of a genetic mutation that is common in mouth cancer can be worsened by nicotine in the levels that are typically found in smoking cessation products. The results raise the prospect that nicotine, the addictive chemical in tobacco, may be more carcinogenic than had previously been appreciated. “Although we acknowledge the importance of encouraging people to quit smoking, our research suggests nicotine found in lozenges and chewing gums may increase the risk of mouth cancer,” Dr Teh said. “Smoking is of course far more dangerous, and people who are using nicotine replacement to give up should continue to use it and consult their GPs if they are concerned. The important message is not to overuse it, and to follow advice on the packet.” Most nicotine replacement products have labels advising people to cut down after three months of use and to stop completely after six months. Mouth cancer affects nearly 5,000 people each year in Britain and is usually linked to smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking alcohol. It is often diagnosed at a late stage, and consequently has a poor prognosis. Although nicotine is acknowledged as the addictive element in cigarettes its role in cancer has long been disputed. It is not as potent a carcinogen as other chemicals found in tobacco smoke, such as tar, but some previous research has suggested that it may also contribute to the formation of tumours. Nonetheless, it is much less dangerous than cigarettes and is therefore used in a wide variety of smoking cessation products that allow addicts to satisfy a craving for the chemical without smoking. In the new research, published in the journal Public Library of Science One, Dr Teh’s team has investigated the role of a gene called FOXM1 in mouth cancer. A mutation that raises the activity of this gene is commonly found in many tumours, and is also present in pre-cancerous cells in the mouth, the scientists found. This raised expression can then be worsened by exposure to nicotine, according to Dr Teh. “If you already have a mouth lesion that is expressing high levels of FOXM1 and you expose it to nicotine, it may add to the risk of converting it into cancer,” he said. “Neither the raised FOXM1 nor nicotine is alone sufficient to trigger cancer, but together they may have an effect. “The concern is that with smokers, you are looking at people who are already at risk of oral cancer. I’m worried that some may already have lesions they don’t know about in the mouth, and if they keep on taking nicotine replacement when they stop smoking products they will not be doing themselves any good.” The findings could also lead to new ways of diagnosing mouth cancer while it is still in its early stages and easier to treat. Dr Teh emphasised that smokers should not stop their attempts to give up. “There is no doubt about the harmful effects of smoking, so smokers should make every effort to quit.”

Copyright The Times

Why you should make an appointment to give up smoking using Hypnotherapy with me - a Professional hypnotherapist based in Suffolk and Essex:

97% of people trying to quit smoking on their own FAIL. Hypnotherapy has been proved over and over to work in the majority of cases. Sometimes even in one session.

However I always book three sessions – yes there are Therapists who claim to always have you quit smoking in one session – but that is often a numbers game and many will still fail to give up smoking because the underlying reasons WHY they smoke are often not addressed and some Smoking Hypnotherapists are not trained or qualified in any other therapies – they may “put you off”, possibly for good, or maybe for a short while - but will they have looked deeper to address your other issues such as stress or other reasons? I can help you address the underlying issues of WHY you smoke?

If I fail to put you off smoking and you are truly motivated to give up smoking with hypnotism then I will give you a FREE top up session. No one has yet taken up that offer.

I use a tried and tested approach which has helped thousands of people stop smoking easily for good

I do urge you to ensure that you visit a properly trained Hypnotherapist that belongs to a reputable body like the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and is properly regulated, as I am, by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. (GHSC)

If you have used Allen Carr before or are considering one of the Allen Carr stop smoking programs,consider this: the late Allen Carr stopped smoking with a Hypnotherapist and also employs hypnosis as part of his quit smoking programme.

So save money all round, get your health back, and see me for Hypnotism to really quit smoking for good in Essex and Suffolk.

You can call me to book on Telephone: 01206 391050 today

You can email me to book at:


Group Stop smoking - Hypnotist lead quit smoking now in groups

Why business should book group stop smoking sessions:

Apart from all the above health issues for your staff businesses consider also the following:

Think of the positive savings and Business benefits when staff become a non-smoker:

TIME - Think - an average Cigarette takes 2 minutes to smoke - if they are smoking 30 a day you are saving one hour each day. If they leave their desk at work to smoke outside you lose 21 ½ hours per month if you work a 5 day week.

MONEY - Think - if you smoke 30 a day at £5 per packet you are currently spending around £7.50 or more every day. This is £52.50 per week or £227.50 per month or £2,730 per year and in 2 ½ years you will have spent £6,825. £227.50 each month will help you upgrade your car or wardrobe or overpay your mortgage - or towards retiring a year or two earlier!If you give up now you may even reach and enjoy retirement!

HEALTH - Think of your lungs - toxic gasses are breathed out which affect those around you - it is now proven that passive smoking harms anyone: be it colleague, partner or pet - and as for yourself - if the statistics at the top of the page aren't enough to persuade you consider that the solid tar and chemicals get stuck in your lungs - therefore you are slower at most sports, slower in your everyday walking, stair-climbing and general fitness. You are also storing up trouble for later. The sooner you quit the better your chance of recovery.

ECONOMY OF SCALE: It is cheaper to deliver a bespoke 3 session course of stop smoking for business on your site. I am happy to also offer stress reduction techniques and better interpersonal and presentation skills. I have also been an Actor/Director/Teacher so I offer an all round service.

So stop smoking now.

Business Benefits on site group: 01206 391050

Email: info@edgehypno.com

To book Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy individually at:

Hypnotherapist at French Complexion 1a Queen Street Hadleigh Suffolk IP7

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Hypnotherapy in the Therapy Room Wednesdays at the Jerwood Dance House (Dance East) Foundry Lane Ipswich IP4 1DJ

Call:  01206 391050

I have a Hypnotherapy Clinic on Thursdays in Frinton on Sea in the Clacton area Essex CO13 9BX

Hypnotherapy in Frinton and Clacton Essex


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist at The Old Road Clinic, 115, Old Road, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. CO13 9BX

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In certain cases I can offer home visits please contact me for details: 01206 391050

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Human Resources and CEO s and Managers of Businesses: See above for reasons to stop smoking - maybe your business has totted up how much productivity you lose through smoking breaks? Do a rough calculation based on how much time taken off to smoke and the cost in lost productivity and the loss of key people through smoking related illness - then call me. You will save more than my fee and have a healthier happier more productive work force if you book me.

I am happy to arrange group stop smoking sessions - to really give up smoking - please contact me for details.

Special discount for web bookers - if you have read this far: £180 to stop smoking if paid in advance! Mention the website deal. Cheaper for three thorough quit smoking sessions than for ONE session elsewhere.

Tel : 01206 391050

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I am CNHC and GHR registered and GHSC regulated and fully insured.




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See above for reasons to quit smoking with Hypnotherapy - maybe your business has totted up how much productivity you lose through smoking breaks? You could save more than my fee and have a healthier happier more productive work force if you book me. Want to get together with friends and have a group session? Would you like me to run group quit smoking sessions at your company?

Call me to discuss your requirements.

Call: 01206 391050

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Quote "web offer" and stop smoking over three sessions for £180.

Free session CD for home listening.

Links to quit smoking articles and other interesting health sites:

Mesothelioma - a rare form of Cancer there is a great site here click on the blue link

I know a man who lived to be 100 and smoked


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