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Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis in Ipswich Hadleigh Manningtree and Frinton offers Hypnotherapy using hypnotism and NLP for Low Self Esteem, Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Phobias, Fears, Stopping Smoking, Public Speaking, Pain Relief, Social and Relationship issues, Pain Relief, Exams and Tests, Interviews, Sports Performance, help with Cancer and much more. Hypnotist in Ipswich and Colchester.

Welcome to Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP. I am Graham Howes, Experienced ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist offering caring hypnotherapy treatments using hypnosis, NLP, hypnoanalysis and more in Ipswich Suffolk, Hadleigh Suffolk, and Brantham Manningtree Colchester Essex.

I offer expert Hypnotherapy and NLP solutions for a wide variety of issues. I am GHSC registered and regulated and also CNHC approved. I pride myself in my work and as a leading expert in Easy Weight Loss and Obesity treatments – in addition to other areas, I  believe I can guarantee you the highest standard of Hypnotherapy Treatments. I have also trained with a Combat Veteran for PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I'm a well known Past Life Regression practitioner.

Hypnotist can help with Health issues like Pain Cancer and Chrons, Anxiety Stress Depression Panic Attacks Trauma Stop Smoking Exam Nerves Public Speaking Confidence Low Self Esteem and more... read on below at the bottom of the page or see my treatments page for details!

Please see my Hypnotherapy Treatments page for more detail on the wide range of hypnotherapy treatments available at my hypnosis clinics in the Ipswich Suffolk and Hadleigh Suffolk and Manningtree Colchester area.

I provide help with Actor, Singer, Dancer and Performer problems, I have also been an actor writer and director for over 30 years so can help with stage fright, audition confidence, learning lines, confidence and acting tuition.

Business to business Hypnotherapy is another service I offer from group sessions to stop smoking, losing weight, work related stress and help with confidence issues using NLP and Hypnosis techniques.

Experiencing Hypnotism can be fun and can lead to long lasting change - yes, why continue to suffer, when you can quickly remove the things that block you from a happier Life? You are aware at all times - you can see testimonials on the benefits of my treatments - you can give me a call or email me with your number and a time to call for a confidential free consultation and advice or to make an appointment.


Prices range depending on the service, as well as the locations I can also do home visits for a slight extra cost:

From £60 for a session.

Offer: 3 Sessions for £180 - Save money on multiple sessions

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and 3 part Weight Loss Hypnosis £180

The Hypno Gastric Band Weight Loss Course in 4 parts is £260 (special offer)

Feel free to get in contact for a quote or any further information:

Tel: 01206 391050


Hypnosis Services

Hypnotherapy treatments can help with a vast range of issues:

  • Stopping Smoking

  • Weight Loss - goodbye diet plans - hello control of your eating - slimming without tears

  • Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Obesity

  • Alcohol Reliance and Gambling Addiction

  • Anxiety Symptoms Treatment

  • Treatment for Stress

  • Sleep Problems / Insomnia

  • Work Related Stress Treatment Medical Conditions

  • Panic Attacks

  • Sexual and Physical Abuse

  • Confidence

  • Depression help

  • Fear of Flying

  • Learning to move on from past traumas

  • Past Life Regression

  • Hypnosis for Phobias

  • Social Anxiety

  • Blushing

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Confidence

Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP GHR Registered GHSC regulated CNHC approved

Graham Howes

Hypnotherapy Treatments using Hypnosis Hypnoanalysis and NLP from Harley Street Hypnotherapist Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP GHR CNHC

Providing Hypnotherapy sessions throughout Colchester, Essex, Ipswich, Suffolk, Manningtree and Hadleigh.

Hypnotism is perfectly safe - you won't get stuck in hypnosis and you will be aware of being very relaxed and afterwards you will feel different about your difficulties.

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Hypnotherapist in Clacton Manningtree Colchester Essex and Brantham Ipswich Suffolk

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Phone: 01206 391050

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Email: info@edgehypno.com

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How can I help you? If you think that: "I always do that..." how about: "I sometimes do that..." or how about: "I no longer do that"... and make a change in your behaviour?

Explore my Hypnotherapy pages for making a change in your life. From weight loss hypnosis, stop smoking hypnotherapy to anxiety, work related stres,s depression, panic attacks and PLR and PTSD in the Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester area - I can help you with hypnotherapy and NLP. Call me on 01206 391050 for a confidential chat or email me with your phone number - explore the rest of my site for information on how hypnosis and nlp can help you "change for the better."

Graham Howes Hypnotherapist in Colchester and Ipswich also serving Hadleigh and Clacton and Manningtree areas with hypnotherapy hypnosis hypnoanalysis and NLP services

Main Hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Colchester Home Page: http://edgehypno.com/

Email: info@edgehypno.com

Tel: 01206 391050 (Please leave a message speaking clearly and leave a contact name and number and a rough time to call for a free consultation over the phone.)


Is Hypnotherapy for me?

Ask yourself:What would it be like if you could make a change in your Life? Imagine being free of the habit or fear or phobia. What would it be like to feel happy for no reason at all? If you could lose weight without endless yo yo dieting by a mindset change and some simple dietary principles would you buy this? Imagine being free of smoking and it's dangerous effects? What if you could quit smoking for good and rid yourself of those 4,000 poisons that you inhale with each puff of tobacco. What about if you could learn to be confident and have a greater self esteem? How about if you were calm and in the zone whether taking exams, auditioning, firing an arrow or playing tennis? If you could finally pass that driving test without unnecessary nerves? If you have suffered for years from the effects of an appalling traumatic incident in War or from sexual or physical abuse or you were witness to or part of a terrible accident and there were safe ways to help you with hypnosis - would you do it? If you are depressed, anxious, stressed or suffer from panic attacks there are interventions that could help you.

A Hypnotherapist uses hypnosis and harnesses your powerful unconscious to help you make the changes that you want. Trance is necessary to get past the old patterns of behaviour that are not helpful to you. Everyone can access trance easily with skilled help - in fact you already know at some level how to do it: if you are a sports person and you are in the zone, if you are lost in a good book or film and you jump when someone else speaks to you, if you have ever driven home and wonder how you got there or drove past that junction that you knew you had to take - you were in a sort of trance - you attention was fixed on something and you were in a comfortable relaxed and engaged state. That is precisely the space where you can change with the help of a skilled therapist.

If you want to talk to me in complete confidence then call and leave your name and number or email me and I will call you.

Call: 01206 391050 Email: info@edgehypno.com

I belong to the General Hypnotherapy Register and I am regulated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and I am also part of the new Government register the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council CNHC which is recognised by the NHS as a Gold Standard of healthcare and you should make sure that your hypnotherapist is a member of one of these or sililar bodies. You can check online to ensure that they are on the register for complete peace of mind.