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See my Hypnotherapy Treatments page for details of hypnotherapist treatments with hypnosis and NLP in the Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk, Manningtree Colchester Essex

STOP PRESS: Details of my Hypnotist led Spiritual development trance retreat for personal growth we planned in Tuscany June 2013 and workshops in Camden Market London are further below - Stepping back to move forwards! Please indicate interest at my email here: info@edgehypno.com

Spiritual Retreats using trance for personal growth in Tuscany North Italy and Camden North London in 2013:

A new trance workshop in Tuscany Northern Italy in the Garfagnana Mountains -
Finding your Authentic Self

A week long holiday retreat on a beautiful chestnut farm in the Garfagnana Mountains see my FAQ page to see it! A week of fun, walks, talks, yoga, mountain bikes, visits to Barga and Lucca, trance work to help you find your authentic self and move beyond your restrictions to live life on your terms and start to get in touch with your inner adviser, learn powerful self hypnosis and start to grow spiritually and materially. The week will include some private one to ones to help you find what you really want in Life and Past Life Regression at which I am an acknowledged authority - I am featured in next month's "It's Fate" Magazine.

Email or call for details.

Stop Press: Trance Workshops at Butterfly Tarot Camden London Friday March 15th onwards

Finding your authentic self through trance

What stops you? In this introduction to internal dialogue Graham will teach you a meditation to help manifest what you really want.

We are all part of the collective unconscious, and we have different solutions to the same problems. You can find balance of mind, body and spirit through hypnosis and NLP. Trance has been used right throughout history, ever since the days of the first Shaman, Temple Oracle or Wise Woman.

Graham is an experienced hypnotherapist and NLP and past life regression practitioner. Some of his past life sessions can be read in Jenny Smedley’s books on the subject: http://www.jennysmedley.com/

In further sessions, Graham will introduce you to your inner adviser or Genius in the Temple that is your subconscious mind and group Past Life Regression on which I am an acknowledged authority.

Price £20, maximum limit on workshop attendees, so advance booking is essential.

The address for the Workshop is Butterfly Tarot Unit 66, West Yard, Camden Lock Market, London NW1 8AF. It’s very close to Chalk Farm tube as well as to Camden Town.

Contact me for details call or text 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

More News: I am featured in the next issue of the Magazine “It’s Fate” in Jenny Smedley’s column for my Past Life Regression work – she has also quoted some of my regressions in her books on the subject.


FindingYour Authentic Self- a spiritual retreat for personal growth in Italy


Garfagnana Mountains Tuscany Italy


Get what you want in Life - A Spiritual Retreat to step back and then move forward – finding inner happiness and serenity with trance, hypnosis and NLP:

I am a Hypnotherapist and Advanced NLP practitioner but also a writer actor and Theatre Director - this is a synergy of all my skills - get beyond your problems and get in touch with your spiritual self and have a lot of FUN:

"Finding your authenticself!"The event is a week long retreat in the Garfagnana Mountains - Italian food and Life - some visits and much food for thought and enjoyment - 'How much happiness can you stand?" The retreat is on a large chestnut farm in a stunning setting near Barga - which is a very arty town with a Jazz Club and a Music Festival and it is near to Lucca and Florence in Tuscany Italy. You will eat Italian and learn self hypnosis and how to use trance to get to where you want to be and gain a deepened sense of yourself. There is more below and some more pictures of the venue.

There will be some Past Life Regressions and group trance work and meditations and visualisations - as well as individual sessions to help you get past "what stops you" and enable a happier idea of where you are going. There is also a visit to Lucca - Puccini's birthplace for some retail therapy and a convivial evening meal. There may also be available Yoga, Horse riding, amazing walks, Mountain Biking and a Hot Tub!!

I'd like you to feel you have experienced a slice of Italian rural life, had a great time, got past some blocks and developed a little more spiritually and get a greater sense of who you really are and the way forward personally.

Hypnosis is all about learning control using perfectly natural trance states – and exploring your self deeply - which is contrary to the view that you somehow surrender control.

There is more below:

Graham Howes Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP

Go here to see the last June retreat: http://www.sensonetuscany.com/#/graham-howes/4560529032

We all have times in our life when we know that we can no longer go on as we are – there may have been a major change in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed by stress, anger, depression, abandonment, bereavement, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, sadness, apathy, despair, lack of confidence or low self esteem and we may even have been punishing ourselves or find we have a lack of spiritual direction or a direction in our Life. We may be self - medicating with food, alcohol or drugs either prescribed or recreational.

We might have wondered if "this is it"? Or is there another way? I think there is always another better way!

What I have realised in my many years as a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and questioning Human Being is that most of the above – by no means exhaustive list – there are common factors and I have come to believe that there is another way forward that can be addressed by the dynamics of a group retreat where we all learn from each other.

An actor friend of mine, Phillip Martin Brown, known for "Waterloo Road" on the BBC TV – wondered if I was offering to help you move backwards slowly up a Mountain! Phil is a joker – but he is also right – it is actually about stepping back slowly and looking at ourselves as if we were looking at someone else's life – to see how to move forwards more happily and serenely. What stops you? Do you plan for Failure? How much happiness can you stand?

I have a practice called Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP - and I was practising in Harley Street London - until I realised that I wanted to help people move forward more than I wanted a posh address. The name of my practice came from a play that I co – wrote while still an actor teacher student back in the 1970's at New College of Speech and Drama (Now Middlesex University) for the Edinburgh Festival called "A Desert of Eden"; which was about the poet John Clare.

Clare wrote how when a small child he lost his way or "got out of his knowledge" while looking for the Edge of the World and, having been lost for some time, eventually found his way back after many adventures, and confronting his fears, to his little village of Helpston near Peterborough and "everything seemed so different."

That to me is the perfect example of how we can transform our perception and perspective. In new NLP terms: "The Map is not the territory" - in other words we make up our own reality based on our experiences and more importantly what our parents teachers and friends teach us is "true". However – no-one has a monopoly on truth – and what is true can shift a number of times in your lifetime – so to avoid self torture we need to have an openness to learning and a tolerance and understanding of difference. The point is, to quote Richard Bandler: "How much happiness can you stand?" And if you are directionless and unhappy – why invest all that energy in preparing to fail when you could be finding: How to be Happier?

You have to understand differently – the good thing about a bad feeling is that you never have to feel it that way again… the good thing is that you can plan to feel differently instead - it isn't mandatory to feel miserable - or even always necessary!

A recent survey of People on their Death Beds (yes really!) showed that the number one regret by far was: " I wish that I had allowed myself to be happier".

A Polish Gentleman went to his Doctor and while having a Medical asked his Doctor to stand on his right side as he had always been profoundly deaf in his left ear since childhood. The Doctor asked if he had ever had that ear looked at? The Man said that he hadn't. The Doctor looked in the ear and silently went and got some tweezers. He removed a tightly folded bus ticket of uncertain vintage from the Man's ear. The astonished Gentleman could suddenly hear incredibly well. He looked at the ticket and then remembered what he had forgot - he had stuffed it in his ear when a small child and had left it there - and everyone had assumed he was deaf.

This is a true story but it is true to say that many of us go through life with a metaphorical Bus Ticket in our ear - we cease to listen and suffer needlessly.

Using new and original approaches we will explore through trance how to remove "what stops you" from a fuller Life. The course is held on a stunning chestnut farm in the glorious Garfagnana Mountains and, while literally on the Edge of the World, with glorious vistas also offers you the opportunity to explore another Life – to visit some beautiful places - and walk and talk and mountain bike or sit in the hot tub and ruminate on Life with fellow seekers after their own truth.

There is also the opportunity for "one to ones" with me - and everyone will get at least one private session and CDs to take away for further "tranceformation". The bottom line is that the answers lie within and we hope to open you up to changes – both in your Life but also in your Spiritual Life.

I have worked as an Actor, Theatre Director, Teacher at all levels and Playwright as well as a Deep Trance, NLP practitioner, Hypnoanalyst and Hypnotherapist for over 35 years and I bring a mix of all those skills together. This course is about me facilitating personal growth and change in you and the group… and having a lot of fun as well as gaining insights and understanding of our individual process of development.

The Buddah is supposed to have suggested on his death bed: "Don't follow me – find your own light." I hope that you will begin to see a way forward from our week together.


Graham Howes ASHPH NHR GHR registered GHSC regulated CNHC approved and regulated

The trance spiritual retreat will take place in a stunning Mountain setting on a stunning Chestnut Farm in the Garfagnana National Park close to Barga Tuscany Northern Italy now in August 2012 - email me for more details or for booking details or have a look here:


Here are some pictures from a previous retreat:

Sensone Spiritual Retreat 2012

Barga ItalySensone ViewSensone

Sensone Tuscany Italy June 7th - 14th 2012 Trance Workshop:

"Come as you are Leave as you want to be"

Spiritual Retreat and Holiday 2012


NOW a new spiritual developement course in 2013 to help you develop your spiritual side and deal with what stops you enjoying your life. Email me with your requirements at info@edgehypno.com


See my new website for blogs and a FREE pain relief mp3


FAQ on Hypnotherapy such as: What is Hypnotherapy and Does Hypnotherapy work?


Does Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work? What is Hypnotherapy?

Here is a recent story from BBC News:

 Hypnosis has 'real' brain effect Hypnosis has a "very real" effect that can be picked up on brain scans, say Hull University researchers. An imaging study of hypnotised participants showed decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming or letting the mind wander. The same brain patterns were absent in people who had the tests but who were not susceptible to being hypnotised. One psychologist said the study backed the theory that hypnosis "primes" the brain to be open to suggestion. Hypnosis is increasingly being used to help people stop smoking or lose weight and advisers recently recommended its use on the NHS to treat irritable bowel syndrome. “ This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation ” Dr William McGeown, study leader It is not the first time researchers have tried to use imaging studies to monitor brain activity in people under hypnosis. But the Hull team said these had been done while people had been asked to carry out tasks, so it was not clear whether the changes in the brain were due to the act of doing the task or an effect of hypnosis. In the latest study, the team first tested how people responded to hypnosis and selected 10 individuals who were "highly suggestible" and seven people who did not really respond to the technique other than becoming more relaxed. The participants were asked to do a task under hypnosis, such as listening to non-existent music, but unknown to them the brain activity was being monitored in the rest periods in between tasks, the team reported in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. Default mode In the "highly suggestible" group there was decreased activity in the part of the brain involved in daydreaming or letting the mind wander - also known as the "default mode" network. One suggestion of how hypnosis works, supported by the results, is that shutting off this activity leaves the brain free to concentrate on other tasks. Study leader Dr William McGeown, a lecturer in the department of psychology, said the results were unequivocal because they only occurred in the highly suggestible subjects. "This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. "Our study shows hypnosis is real." Dr Michael Heap, a clinical forensic psychologist based in Sheffield, said the experiment was unique in showing brain patterns supporting the theory that hypnosis works by "priming" the subject to respond more effectively to suggestions. "Importantly the data confirm that relaxation is not a critical factor. "The limited data from this experiment suggest that this pattern of activity then dissipates (at least to some extent) once the subjects start to engage in the suggestions that follow." But he said the small study, which needed repeating in other populations, did not prove that people being hypnotised were in an actual "trance".

Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/health/8359170.stm

Copyright BBC News

How can Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis work as a treatment for Obesity and Weight loss?

I offer the hypno virtual Gastric Band for the obese in the Essex and Suffolk area as part of a 4 session hypnotherapy and NLP course designed to help you lose weight easily without all the side effects of, and as an alternative to, real gastric band / lap band / gastric bypass / stomach stapling surgery or the sickness or risk involved or the £3,000 to £7,000 price tag - I offer the HypnoGastricBand tm hypnosis course for a limited time at just £260. Usual price £295. QUOTE: Virtual GASTRIC BAND OFFER

There is an "epidemic", according to the media, of obesity in the Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex area - although it is actually true that 69% of the UK population is now classified as obese. We are the fattest nation in Europe. In the USA it is two thirds. Yet there is an effective remedy which is the virtual gastric band the HypnoGastricBand - hypnosis is extremely effective when allied to nutritional information in making that step change to the way you eat and addressing WHY you overeat.

I am an ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist and one of very few Qualified suppliers of the Hypno Gastric Band system for obesity and also I have devised an exclusive weight loss program which has been carefully tweaked. The majority of people trying to lose weight FAIL because they go on an exclusion or starvation diet - they lose weight and then they stop doing what they were doing and start to put weight on again. Many of my clients have been on yo yo diets or to Weight Watchers (owned by Heinz!) or Slimmers World or have followed the Atkins or the Cambridge Diets etc. The problem is that the majority of people in the slimming business do not address a simple area which is WHY someone is overeating and not getting enough exercise.

Hypnotherapist for Weight loss hypnosis in Manningtree Colchester Essex and Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk - also serving Clacton and Frinton in the Tendring area and Felixstowe and Stowmarket areas

My 3 part unique weight loss course using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is aimed at people with a BMI under 30 with a few stone to lose and offers nutritional advice which is cutting edge allied to the use of hypnotherapy NLP and hypnoanalysis to address any issues surrounding food. These may range from comfort eating through stress or anxiety to binge eating. There are many reasons and I help you to devise strategies to help you overcome those reasons for overeating. I also motivate you to take a little exercise.

If you are a BMI over 30 then the Rolls Royce weight loss course includes the HypnoGastricBand which has taken the weight loss world by storm. It is only a short while ago that the virtual gastric band hypnosis was only really available in Spain.

I have been offering gastric band hypnosis with the Hypno Gastric Band system tm in Manningtree Colchester Essex and Hadleigh Suffolk for over two years now.

This tried and tested approach works well and if you have a BMI over 30 and are considered clinically obese gastric band hypnosis can represent a safe alternative to a real gastric band or stomach stapling gastric bypass etc. Operations are always a risk and can cost up to £8,000 and more. A virtual hypnotic gastric band is installed under hypnosis - but ONLY after a thorough course of weight loss hypnosis. As such this differs from many other virtual gastric bands Hypno Mind Band - which don't necessarily deal with all your issues so suffer the same problem as diets and slimming programs. See my weight loss page for more on this revolutionary approach.


I offer talks on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP as practiced by Paul McKenna. As I am an Actor - I hope that this entertains and informs! Can I tailor a talk on hypnosis for you and your group? 01206 391050



Tel: 01206 391050 to discuss all your other requirements

Mobile: 07875720623

Email: info@edgehypno.com



Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and the Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Band and Weight Loss Hypnosis

If you unsure about which Weight Loss Hypnosis would be best for you then for a BMI over 30 (classified as "Obese") the 4 part Hypno Gastric Band is the appropriate course or a BMI under 30 the Weight Loss Hypnosis is the appropriate approach. If you are unsure on what your BMI is CLICK HERE.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

At Edge of the World Hypnotherapy we offer a ‘Lose weight for good’ programme, a weight loss hypnosis course at £150. This is an excellent weight loss option if you have a stone or two to shed and you are under the BMI of 30. Fed up of fad diets and slimming clubs not working for you? Then this program can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good. The course uses very safe hypnosis from a Deep Trance specialist to help you become an ‘intelligent eater’. I can help you to lose the weight and also to keep it off with cutting edge nutritional information allied to an understanding of why you overeat and also addressing comfort eating, binge eating, anxiety, work related stress, depression and many other factors that may cause overeating. I will also motivate you to take a small amount of appropriate exercise.

Hypno Gastric Band

The Hypno Gastric Band is a tried and tested weight loss hypnosis system. In my opinion it is the best way for weight loss, to lose weight without "dieting" or "slimming". Many people have found themselves yo yo dieting because they haven't addressed WHY they overeat. This system involves, as well as the virtual gastric band hypnosis, using hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, NLP, motivation and nutritional advice. The course consists of four parts and will help you deal with overeating issues and focus on changing your eating habits to help you become an ‘intelligent eater’ by changing your mind-set. Edge of the World Hypnotherapy is a registered provider of the Hypno Gastric Band System TM. We work together to resolve your issues and change your relationship with food. You will be aware at all times when in hypnosis. Many people have simply forgotten how to control their overeating. This programme is a risk free and fun way to lose weight without calorie counting. You will not be dieting either so there will be no slipping back to old fat producing ways of eating. As a result of this treatment you will also want to up your exercise a little. If you are curious for more information then do not hesitate to call or email me.

This program has been in the media regularly, CLICK HERE to read an article on the Hypno Gastric Band System from the Daily Mail.

Tel: 01206 391050 Mobile: 0787 5720623
Email: info@edgehypno.com

I am offering the Hypno Gastric Band course at £260 for a limited time only

CLICK HERE to visit my full site for more information.

image 1

Hypnotherapy Clinics

I currently run hypnotherapy clinics from 3 different locations and can also do home visits.

Hypnotherapy Clinic IPSWICH - Hypnotherapy Ipswich

Hypnotherapy at the Jerwood Dance Space

Jerwood Dance House

Foundry Lane




Hypnotherapy Clinic Cattawade, Manningtree ESSEX Hypnotherapist Manningtree

3 Riverside Cottages

Factory Lane




CO11 1QL

Hypnotherapy Clinic Hadleigh SUFFOLK, Sundays - Hypnotherapist Hadleigh

French Complexion

1A Queen Street



Hypnotherapy Clinic in IPSWICH - Hypnotherapist Ipswich

Hypnotherapy at the Jerwood Dance Space

Jerwood Dance House

Foundry Lane




Hypnotherapy Clinic Cattawade, Manningtree ESSEX

3 Riverside Cottages

Factory Lane




CO11 1QL

Hypnotherapy Clinic Hadleigh SUFFOLK, Sundays

French Complexion

1A Queen Street




Phone: 01206 391050
Mobile: 07875720623
Email: info@edgehypno.com

For main site CLICK HERE

I have another new Hypnotherapy Clinic on Thursdays in Frinton in the Clacton area:

Hypnotherapy in Frinton and Clacton Essex


Hypnotherapy at The Old Road Clinic,

115, Old Road,



CO13 9BX

To make an Appointment for the Hypnotherapist in Frinton ONLY Tel 01255 679800

For all queries call 01206 391050

Graham Howes of Edge of the World Hypnotherapy has been interviewed by Doug Richard's (of the Dragons Den BBC TV) "School for startups" for their website

School for Startups - the best site for new entrepreneurs - see it by clicking the link below.

School for startups interview Graham Howes of Edge of the World Hypnotherapy

About Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis NLP and trance:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been found in all cultures way back in history in the guise of the Healing trance. “Hypnos” is a Greek word meaning “sleep” - however Hypnotherapy is anything but that: the client is fully awake and conscious at all times and is in a state akin to meditation or when you are lost in a good Film, Book or Play. You have therefore often been "in trance" at a light level without knowing it. Trance is perfectly normal and brain scans show it to be a definitely different state. It is also like when you are drivinga familiar route and you forget several junctions and wonder how you suddenly were at home - a driving trance. Proper hypnotic trance is something you learn how to do and is almost certainly NOT hpw you think it will be. The best advice is to relax and follow instruction and allow yourself to go into trance, Trance is something I teach you to do - I do not make you go into trance - I facilitate you to do it - so you are always in control. This enables Client and Therapist to work together to effect change and resolve problems.

The Greeks Romans and Egyptians had temples of sleep where snakes were littered on the floor and temple dogs licked your wounds - trance like states were induced and cures effected .. I don't think many of us now have holy snakes ... but I do own a dog! The Greeks believed that you should "Know thyself" and gnosis was at the centre of many of their more esoteric religions - knowing yourself is one of the most profound and liberating things that you can do and trance is an aid in this. Hypnosis as a term was coined in the 19th Century but has been around since the first ever Witch Doctor took people into a trance like state. More on History of Hypnosis here

Hypnosis used therapeutically is unlike stage hypnosis so if you remember Paul McKenna before he became a Hypnotherapist and expert in NLP you probably think you will be "doing the funky chicken" around the room but you won't - unless you pay extra! You won't be unconscious like some of the Derren Brown stunts seem to suggest. You will in fact be well aware of everything said and done for most of the time - unless you go to sleep - well, it is very relaxing. Some people who come to me discover that they have never really truly relaxed! Just about everyone enjoys it! Sadly many TV programmes and Films and Books have given us a completely distorted view of what hypnosis is - so most people who haven't experienced it or have seen an entertaining Hypnosis show where volunteers appear to be under the control of the hypnotist make a fool of themselves are not really seeing the true power of hypnosis when it is used as therapy. Hypnosis can facilitate profound healing change. Trance is actually very familiar to us - it is a bit like being lost in a good book or film or losing a few motorway junctions when you are fixing your attention on something else.

The use of Hypnotherapy allied to the cutting edge therapy of Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) - as popularised by Paul McKenna in this country - with Hypnoanalysis can lead to dynamic and positive change for the better. You can get control of your life rather than feel a victim of it.

What is the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind and why do I have to go into trance?

Trance enables us to allow you to make changes and be more than you imagined you could be - we learn habits from behaviour that worked for us at some time - smoking or eating seemed to relax us when we felt stressed - so we continue to do something which at some level we know may be harmful for us.

The conscious mind can handle 5 - plus or minus 2 - bits of information at any one time and it is analytical - although sometimes its analysis may be based on a very limited range of options learned from past experience. The subconscious or unconscious mind can handle up to 2.3 MILLION bits of information at any one time - anything from letting us blink, walk about, learn skills like driving and perform those once seemingly impossible co-ordinated skills automatically, heart beat and memory - the subconscious is VERY powerful and if we suggest under hypnosis alternative strategies it won't just reject them because it isn't in our narrow template that the conscious mind has adopted. Hence we can CHANGE unwanted behaviours and we can become more than we think we can be - we can overcome fear of spiders, we can stop smoking and we can choose to lose weight or let go of Post Traumatic Stress or abuse and more. Read the rest of my site to get an idea of just how powerful hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be for you.Hypnosis is therefore a very powerful tool and hypnotherapy enables you to become a stronger person by utilising your own LATENT powers. Learning Hypnosis could be one of the most important things that you ever do - because you finally get control rather than letting things control you.


What is NLP?

NLP is short for Neuro - Linguistic Programming - NLP enables us to make changes in unwanted behaviouror deal with isues that we have in a number of ways: reframing, modelling, timeline and much more. Most associated these days with Paul McKenna: it is used both therapeutically and by sales people in business to try to get rapport and use special language to try to persuade us to buy! It is another powerful tool and much of it is "modelled" on great Hypnotherapists like Milton Erickson and others or great practitioners of almost any skill - it was first created in the 1960s by Bandler and Grinder two Americans who tried to get a formula to enable other people to do what such geniuses as Erickson did by using many techniques to facilitate change - as such it is another powerful tool for Hypnotherapists to help you make a difference to your life.

About Graham Howes Hypnotherapist and Actor:

I have also been an Actor, Drama and English and Voice Teacher, Writer, Sales person and Theatre Director for over 30 years and use those skills with those of the Professional Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner to offer a distinctively different service.  See Hypnotherapy Treatments page for further details on the hypnosis and NLP treatments available.



New Hypnotherapy CD: "Anxiety Stress and sleeping well" available for MP3 download:

Sample Here of this CD and of my voice Email me at the above address and for £5 I will send you an mp3 file by email. Usual price £11.99 in shops.

Sample click here

Individual Sessions cost £60. Quote web offer and get three sessions for £150. Weight loss and quit smoking and therapy should book three sessions.

Past Life Regression £65 (Free DVD)

Free session CD for home work and free DVD of Past Life Regression sessions.

Email: info@edgehypno.com

Call : 01206 391050 for BENEFITS of Hypnotherapy Hypnoanalysis and NLP:

Particularly read my articles below on reasons to stop smoking and the truth about diets and weight loss.

Stop Smoking - quit the smoking habit individually (or in groups on site for businesses) see quit smoking page

See my ezine articles here:

As Featured On EzineArticles


How you can overcome Depression Anxiety STRESS AND BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE

They say that "fear is the mindkiller" but so also is stress, anxiety, worry, giving into illness and panic attacks. Yet all of these serious conditions can be helped with Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis combined with NLP will help you understand and develop strategies to deal with depression stress anxiety illness and panic attacks. For once the light at the end of the tunnel won't be a train coming in the opposite direction!

I offer stress counselling to Businesses and individuals and offer strategies and deal with underlying problems - because depression anxiety and stress are now one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the UK just after Heart and Cancer. I also help confidence building for groups and individuals. I am also a qualified Teacher/Actor and Director so can help with Public Speaking and dealing with the public. Let me know your requirements.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

I am happy to help the ArmyNavy and Air Force and Police with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or stress related trauma or any other related matters in the Essex and Suffolk areas at reasonable cost. Ask me for special prices if you are one of our key services.

I am pleased to announce that Past Life Regression, the NEW Future Life Progression (from the US) and Dream Therapy are now available at all my practices at £45 with a free DVD recording for PLR and FLR.

Past Life Regression:

I was taught past life regression by the legendary Susan Arrowsmith – who is a leading authority in both Hypnotherapy and Psychic training. I have been listed by Jenny Smedley, leading Past Life author, and Journalist and authority on the subject. I use only safe methods. Some therapists believe in the client living through past traumas and the death experience which I don’t as I would contend that it can implant trauma that wasn’t there before. If any issues are raised by the Regression then I believe that Present Life Regression is a more suitable technique for resolving issues.

This can be a life - enhancing experience and while I cannot guarantee a PLR experience my own Past Life Regression was extraordinary and I would hate people to never experience PLR!

Future Life Progression :

The theory is that if Time goes backwards it also goes forwards and therefore one can - as a Psychic does - enter into Future states of being. This is one that people will have to judge for themselves but FLR is extremely popular in the USA and I have witnessed some very interesting Progressions!

Recurrent Dream Therapy:

This is a technique which allows the client to experience again recurrent or important dreams and utilises the subconscious mind to interpret it to the conscious mind and therefore tell the therapist - thus enabling anything troubling to be addressed or simply making the puzzling clear!

Hypnotherapy Hypnosis CD

Now available: A bespoke Hypnotherapy CD tailor made to your requirements called "Change your life for good" is a great general treatment available for those seeking to make a change. I can tailor to a limited extent to your specifications. As a working actor I get the most out of the text! It is available direct from me via info@edgehypno.com for £9.99 plus £1.20 p & p.

Call 01206 391050 to book NOW or to discuss how I can help you with Hypnosis NLP and Hypnotherapy or fill in the booking link at the top of the page.

LIMITED Hypnotherapy Special Offer on the web:

3 sessions for £175 or £65 for one for limited period. PLR and FLR £70 inclusive of free DVD of the session.

London home visits: Add £15 per session for my travel.

Weight loss and quit smoking and therapy clients should book three sessions

Email me for this special rate on info@edgehypno.com

Tel: 01206 391050 to discuss all your other requirements

Mobile: 07875720623

Email: info@edgehypno.com

GHR Certified as a registered hypnotherapist by the

The General Hypnotherapy Register


Call: 01206 391050



Complementary Health Alternative Therapy - in Manningtree Ipswich Colchester Hadleigh Dedham East Bergholdt Felixstowe Clacton on sea Frinton Tendring caring therapy hypnotherapy using hypnosis at low prices Hypnotherapy NLP Hypno Hadleigh Suffolk Manningtree Essex area hypnotherapist hypnotist Stop Smoking Hypnosis Diet Weight Loss Hypnosis slimming hypnosis Panic attacks Stress Anxiety Problem therapy New Age Spiritual growth and progress Awareness spiritual journey self help self hypnosis past life regression future life progression PLR FLR in Ipswich and Colchester area with business services available Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk Hadleigh Suffolk and Frinton Clacton and Manningtree Colchester Essex